Heads of the Table


My current body of work addresses concepts dealing with the body, gender and built environment, and applying them to built forms. I want to utilize structures that relate directly to the body in their function. I am creating a set of chairs that reference the female figure and form. These bodily chairs personify different aspects of womanhood as well as address how women are at the mercy of the way they are defined sexually when they try to find a place in our society. I am interested in exploring these concepts in conjunction with the history of the chair as part of the architecture of the hierarchical society we exist in (thrones, head of the table).
My commencement exhibition work will consist of an installation of furniture. My body of work is dealing with beauty and the power play it inspires in all of us as well as the hierarchy that sexuality and motherhood creates for women in our patriarchal society. There will be a long table with one desirable chair at each head of the table and the undesirable chairs seated at the sides, in the less powerful positions.